Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Still no camping, but….

This is what we woke up to this morning!



And the cats had already been having a party.


Of course, the cats disappeared when it was time for their pictures.

This is last week’s snow:


Going back in time to our return home from Arizona in late February, we had this disconcerting sight zipping down the freeway:


It was a truck being towed by another truck.  I tried snapping a picture when we went by the combo, but the camera wouldn’t fire.  Too much motion, I guess.

Back in Oregon we encountered some elk crossing the road:


There were more elk hiding the bushes, but I could not get a picture of them either because of motion.  Someone was coming up behind us so Tom was stepping on the gas. 

The trip to Arizona was an excellent adventure, but I hope the weather here in Oregon warms up soon so we can get out in the Casita.  Meanwhile, I am working on making a Travel Sac type of bedding.  Pictures of that on the next post. 

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