Thursday, May 17, 2012

The logged in completed.

Correction:  I obviously did not proof read my title.  I intended to say 'The Logging is Completed."  I figured out how to edit a blog, but apparently the title is not editable.

Yesterday  was the final day of logging operations.  There is still  one piece of equipment to be picked up by a low-boy.  After that we will order gravel delivery to finish our road rehabilitation.  We have been very pleased by the process.  The loggers were all very courteous to us and a pleasure to be around.  Every single one of them drove a large pickup truck.  Every truck had a large dog to guard the truck.  If we approached the pickup the barking would begin.  A voice would float down from the equipment operator for the dog to be quiet and then the playing would begin.  One dog in particular loved to play fetch.  All received pets and ear rubs. 

The logs are down, but have not been dragged to road and stacked yet.
Another view with different lighting.
Stacking logs.
It is getting too wet to work and there was a several day  interruption in the work to allow for things to dry out.
See how the forest is more open now.  The smell of all that freshly cut douglas fir was heavenly. 
Working on a slope.
A different view.
All and all a stellar experience.  Now we need to schedule some Casita time, but a few obligations may keep us home for a bit.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The logging continues….

We are now two weeks into the logging operation.  The changes to our property are stunning (shocking?).  Since we originally planted our trees in rows and columns ten feet apart we can now remove every other row and an occasional mal-formed tree. 


This is after the tree cutter has been through and before the logs have been dragged to the staging area in preparation for being loaded on the trucks. 


The loader is working on stacking logs. 


The cat is dragging the logs to the staging area.


The loader, the cat and the log truck are all in this picture.  That little bulldozer is fast.  He zips back and forth, wasting no time at all. 


I was able to go ‘off-road’ and get a different angle on the loader the log truck. 


The panoramic isn’t quite right because I could not get far enough away from the equipment.  Day is done the the loader is resting. 


This is our biggest stack of logs.  I think we have about a week left on this little project.  The cutter is almost done, so then it is getting the logs dragged into position and loaded on the trucks.  They have barely started that so maybe it will be longer than a week. 

We did go to the Northern Oregon Gathering (NOG) at Nehalem State Park.  It was a very enjoyable time, but not much for picture taking.  Too much drizzle and too much gabbing.