Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Day at the Beach

Yesterday we decided we had not checked on the ocean in at least two months.  After taking care of some Christmas details in town we headed west.  It wasn’t really raining, but the windshield wipers were needed pretty much the whole time going over the coast range.  We just happened to time things so that we ended up at Mo’s in Lincoln City right at lunch time.  Yum! 


After a great lunch, we wondered along the beach.  The tide was unusually low and there was no wind, unusual in the winter.  We picked among rocks and found some agates.  I even found a whole starfish!


The sea gulls were out as were the sea otters across the Siletz Bay.IMG_3887


Since it is completely dark by 5 pm in these latitudes we decided to head home after short walk at Road’s End Beach.  The lighting was very interesting.  The overcast had broken up somewhat right where we were, but just up the beach it was still socked in. 


The light started catching the waves out at sea.


All in all it was a good day and we were assured that the ocean was still there. 

I am trying out Live Writer and it does seem much easier than composing the post directly on blogger.  So far.

Monday, December 19, 2011

No Self Control

When it comes to looking for things for the trailer we have no self control!  We have looked a couple of places (Fry's and Best Buy) for car radios for the Casita and have been appalled with the prices.  What happened to $30 car radios??  So in a our local Walmart today was an $85 radio system complete with speakers.  We bought it.  At least it is better than $110 or higher.  Now Tom is diligently working on a shelf system to hold the thing for the curbside rear of the trailer over the bed.   He is doing a mock-up in cardboard and it looks great!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Okay--let's try out adding some pictures

Okay--let's try out adding some pictures.

This is after the stove hood has been removed and an upside-down stainless steel cookie sheet was installed under the cabinet with a slight space to allow for heat dissipation.  Tom is still building the assembly to hold two computer fans. 

Here is the fold up table with is propped up in our 'work-on-the-trailer' position.  The idea was taken from someone on the Casita Travel Trailer Forum.  The idea is to make the transition from bed position to table position easier.  The bedding then folds up and is dropped into the slot below the rear window. We still need to add a support to stabilize the upper hinge when the table is up. 

 Where the folded bedding can go. 

The folding counter extension should make meal prep easier. 

 My Casita quilt laid out on our guest bed in the house.  The prints are very whimsical with mermaids playing guitars and frogs with crowns. 

Beginning our Egg adventures

On October 20th Tom and I picked up our brand-spanking new fiber glass Casita travel trailer from the factory in Rice, Texas (  Ours is the 17 foot Spirit Deluxe.  So far the only camping we have done in the trailer was on the way home from Texas since it is too cold and wet here in Oregon to venture far from home.  The trip back from Texas did take us a while since we stopped off in Tucson to visit grand kids and their parents. 

Currently our trailer adventures consist of the process of doing modifications.  So far Tom has removed the stove hood, is working on a smaller replacement for the hood, has reconstructed the main table, installed a television mount and made a folding extension of the kitchen counter.  I have made a quilt for the bed and have been searching the Casita Travel Trailer Forum for ideas for Tom to carry out!  Our little egg is slowly becoming our own.  One of these days we may have to pull it from our barn to our house and camp in our driveway, just to get some camping time.  Actually we are waiting for a few days of clear weather to head over to one of the state beaches.

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