Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sunny Arizona sans Casita

I just wrote this post and thought it was all published, but it never made it to the blog!  Obviously, I still have more to learn—like make sure the blog is published before I close out LiveWriter.

We are visiting our son and his family in Tucson, AZ, but did not bring our trailer since there is no place to park it and Tucson tickets any RV’s parked on the street more than a few hours. 

Our grand kids are cute, of course:




Today we had a day off of child care and so we headed to Tucson Mountain Park and the adjacent western portion of the National Saguaro Park.  Beautiful desert scenery.






Now I am showing off my new Sony NEX-3 camera with 18-55 mm zoom lens.  The other lens I would like is the 55-200 mm zoom, but it costs as much as the camera!

Lunch was sandwiches at a little picnic area at the north end of the National Park (Signal Hill) where there were petroglyphs.


Now, off to start dinner….

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