Saturday, January 21, 2012

More Casita mods

Since the weather has been everything from snow to rain to wind to flooding in the past week to ten days and since there is no possible chance of camping in the local area right now, I thought I would post some more of our Casita modifications. 

We have the kitchen fan assembly finished:



And Tom made a nifty holder of miscellaneous stuff for our small dinette. 


Right now it has building project stuff in it mostly.  When we go camping I think we will have our silverware and napkins in the taller compartments.  The front will have things like keys, cell phones, and cameras. 


The other storage item is a bedside storage unit for things like glasses and the kindle.


I sure do like reading until I get sleepy and then just setting aside my glasses and kindle without having to get up. 


The last item is the radio.  It was purchased at Walmart during the Christmas buying season and was somewhat cheaper than we have seen elsewhere. 


The lighted switch under the radio is a way to completely turn off the radio so there is no battery drain for running the clock and holding the radio’s memory. 


You can see where the speakers are and they sure sound great.  Maybe the carpeting on the walls help reduce any echo.  The TV is folded up out of the way.  And you can also see another shelf that Tom made.  The idea there was to have a place for DVD’s and CD’s. 

All these have been Tom’s projects.  My projects have been making a dress for a granddaughter and a shirt for a grandson and knitting a ‘monster’ for a Casita mascot.  That has a ways to go yet for it will be done.  I forgot to take a picture of that while I had the camera out.  Maybe soon we can hit the road…..

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  1. Looks like it has been a busy time at your place. Some very nice work there.