Sunday, December 18, 2011

Okay--let's try out adding some pictures

Okay--let's try out adding some pictures.

This is after the stove hood has been removed and an upside-down stainless steel cookie sheet was installed under the cabinet with a slight space to allow for heat dissipation.  Tom is still building the assembly to hold two computer fans. 

Here is the fold up table with is propped up in our 'work-on-the-trailer' position.  The idea was taken from someone on the Casita Travel Trailer Forum.  The idea is to make the transition from bed position to table position easier.  The bedding then folds up and is dropped into the slot below the rear window. We still need to add a support to stabilize the upper hinge when the table is up. 

 Where the folded bedding can go. 

The folding counter extension should make meal prep easier. 

 My Casita quilt laid out on our guest bed in the house.  The prints are very whimsical with mermaids playing guitars and frogs with crowns. 

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