Monday, December 19, 2011

No Self Control

When it comes to looking for things for the trailer we have no self control!  We have looked a couple of places (Fry's and Best Buy) for car radios for the Casita and have been appalled with the prices.  What happened to $30 car radios??  So in a our local Walmart today was an $85 radio system complete with speakers.  We bought it.  At least it is better than $110 or higher.  Now Tom is diligently working on a shelf system to hold the thing for the curbside rear of the trailer over the bed.   He is doing a mock-up in cardboard and it looks great!

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  1. Woo-hoo, Nancy. Your "to do" list for the Casita really never ends. We got our egg new July 08 & are still mod'ing & re-arranging. In fact, I've been thinking it's about time to 're-decorate'. I'm glad to hear you're making egg your own as I've heard too many Casitans resist making changes or personalizing due to "resale value". Poo, the more you enjoy it, the less likely it'll be resold!

    I look forward to your coming blogs since I'm always hungry for more mods to do (or put on Jeff's honey-do list). I've created an entirely separate page on my blog ( of all our mods - & haven't updated it for several months. I also decided to post our boo-boos so hopefully no one else will make the newbie mistakes we made.

    Enjoy, enjoy!

    Glenda (